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The Perantoni company

The company was founded by the desire of Andrea Perantoni who learned the art of "making wine" from his father Angelo.

Andrea wanted to modernize, in order to compete  in the world of wine of the twenty-first century, combining the traditions handed down by the father with modern technologies.

Today it's up to Francesco and the whole family to carry on the ideas and traditions of past generations with particular attention to environmental sustainability.

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We firmly believe that in the twenty-first century wine represents more than just a simple drink and must be treated accordingly. This is why we invest all of our energies perfecting every single glass. Time is the most important resource you can have, therefore being completely satisfied by the taste of it, it's a priority.

Bottiglie di vino
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Our goal is to make our products respecting the environment and the territory around us, because our land is our best ally and it is our duty and responsibility to put it first.

We want to bring top quality wines to people's tables, being able to give to the consumers the sensations, efforts, passion and all the emotions behind a "simple" glass of wine.

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